AP News一分钟新闻:2014-06-17

AP NEWS一分钟,是美联社(Associated Press)推出的长度约一分钟的新闻简讯形式的报道。它因短小简洁、时效性强,深受广大英语爱好者追捧。美联社是美国最大的通讯社,也是国际性通讯社之一,全称为“美国联合通讯社”,英文简称AP。 马克·吐温曾说:“给地球各个角落带来光明的只有两个:天上的太阳和地上的美联社。”“美联社时事精华,一分钟展现鲜活世界”不但是利发国际训练的好素材,也是通晓国际时事的窗口。


1. US defense officials say the sergeant Bowe Bergdahl will be transferred to an army base in Texas on Friday. Bergdahl was held in captive by Taliban forces for 5 years before being released in exchange for 5 Taliban detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

2. Members of the Republican Party are delivering a firm message to President Obama on Iraq as the US prepares to send a new aid to Iraq to slow down violence. Senator John McCain gave an impassioned speech saying the decision for a complete pullout of the US troops was dictated by politics.

3. Brazil’s big day has finally arrived. The highly anticipated World Cup kicks off today with the opening match pitting host country Brazil against Croatia. Well over 3 billion spectators are expected to watch soccer’s premier event.

4. And George H.W. Bush leaped into celebrating his 90th birthday today. The former President made a tandem parachute jump near his summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine. The 41st President did a jump from a helicopter with a retired army parachutist.