President Xi Jinping visits armies in Xi'an

Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent new year wishes to armies deployed in Xi'an, the capital of northwest China's Shaanxi province. 

President Xi visited the headquarter of the Shaanxi Military Branch in the morning and met with local military official. Xi also delivered a speech and praised the achievements realized by the troops stationed in Xi'an. He said the soldiers have strengthened their military readiness training and made great contribution to thenational defense. He added that military leaders should bethe role models and strictly obey rules and regulations. 

President Xi also paid a visit to the training center of a local branch of the air forces. He then watched a presentation of missile simulation training and asked the flight crew members about their work and study. 

President Xi also get on board an fighter jet and experience its operation. He called on the air force soldiers to train painstakingly and continuously improve their skills.