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Former FIFA official Chack Blazer has admitted to accepting bribes. Now that related to selection of France and South Africa that holds World Cups in 1998 and 2010. The admission was made in the US court in 2013, but the documents have made, only now been made public. The revelation follows Sepp Blater's decision to quit as FIFA's president.

Allan B. remains in a critical condition in the Perth hospital this morning after a surgery to replace heart valve. The 77-year-old businessman is in an induced coma. And his family says his prognosis is uncertain at best. His former wife Eleine is on her way back from London to be by Allan B. 's side.

The New South Wales upper house has passed legislation to privatise almost half of that state's poles and wires. The government agreed to amendments by Christian democrats MP Fred Nile which will give increased protection to electricity workers.

And seven senior Catholic clergymen have written an open letter, endorsing cardinal George Peal ahead of his next appearance at the royal commission into child abuse. Five archbishops and two bishops have signed the statement, which described the former archbishop of Sydney as a man of integrity who is committed to helping others.

And finally the Dalai Lama has arrived in Sydney for a twelve-day visit to Australia. Crowds gathered in Sydney Airport to greet him. The religious leader will visit the Blue Mountains, Brisbane and Perth. He'll also travel to Uluru for the first time. The Dalai Lama was accompanied by Hollywood actor Rich Gere.