CRI在线收听:China to Promote Civilized Tourism as Crowded Holiday Starts

According to the new rules, travel agencies have the right to report ill-mannered tourists who will then be blacklisted for 2 years if the reports are deemed true.

These uncivilized behaviors include acting antisocially on public transport, damaging private or public property, disrespecting local customs, sabotaging historical exhibits or engaging in gambling or pornographic activities.

Information on the blacklist will also be recorded in the country's credit system, and tourists whose names are on the list will also be affected when they apply for outbound travel.

The new rules, issued by China National Tourism Administration came into effect on Friday, which was the start of the Labor Day holiday here in China.

According to transportation authorities, the number of travellers taking to railways on Friday is expected to see an increase of 10 percent from the same period of last year, reaching 11 million.

Highways to popular scenic spots across the country have also become increasingly congested.

Meanwhile, many scenic attractions have carried out measures to limit or more evenly distribute the booming number of travellers.

The Wutai Mountain in northwest China's Shanxi Province has embraced more than 70 thousand tourists on a single day.

Bai Hailong is in charge of the entrance gate of the tourist site.

"We have used special buses to take tourists into the mountain. There are also buses free of charge for them inside the scenic area."

In Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Central China's Hunan province, travelers have to make appointments before hand.

Organizers also set a fixed time for each group of visitors, so they can better arrange their time for queuing.

A tourist shares her experience.

"I feel really good because I don't have to queue a lot so far. We can leave more time to visit more places and have a tight travel schedule."

To cater to those who are taking a self-driving tour, railway authorities also offered designated trains for these drivers and their cars.

On Thursday, the first train for self-driving trips departed from Chengdu to Xichang, with 85 cars on board.

238 car owners and passengers took another train to the destination.

A car owner said by this means they could have a good rest and then enjoy the trip.

"We can rest on the train during the night. This means we can save energy to enjoy the holiday."

Highways in the country also operate toll-free during the Labor Day holiday.