Xi's visit to raise China-Zimbabwe relations to new high

After more than a decade of economic crisis, Zimbabwe seems to be bouncing back, with heavy investment in development projects and also infrastructure. A lot of experts believe that the Southern African country's economic take off is as a result of its partnership with China. In an exclusive interview with CCTV Africa, the former Zimbabwe Ambassador to China said that President Xi Jinping's visit will help jumpstart a new and exciting chapter for Zimbabwe. 

"Now this is a big chance for China to support Zimbabwe in the economic sphere and Zimbabwe is a very resource rich country and very well educated population and a very good infrastructure by African standards but it needs capital on a big scale. We need capital on a massive scale and this visit is coming at the right time when China is becoming a net exporter of capital. Its companies are going global. So this is the relationship which I think when Present Xi Jinping comes he will kick start a new and exciting chapter in Zimbabwe-China relationship taking on the dimension of economy taking on the dimension of business taking on the dimension of markets the global markets and taking on the dimension of technology. These are what we are looking forward to," said Christopher Mutsvangwa, former Zimbabwe Ambassador to China.

"It's a new chapter a new dawn in the two countries history, long history of friendship. It will take the relationship between China and Africa to a new level. I remember the first FOCAC was in 2000. I attended the second FOCAC in Addis Ababa the trade between China and Africa at that time was about 8 billion. Now it's about 220 billion. This is almost an exponential rise in the relationship between China and Africa."