Iran's Navy chief confirms holding US sailors

The commander of the naval force of Iran's Revolutionary Guards says that "unprofessional conduct" has led to the incident with the sailors and two US boats detained at an Iranian base on Farsi Island in the Gulf.

"The US boats entered 3 miles into Farsi Island's territorial waters and because of showing unprofessional acts, these forces were immediately detained by our naval combatants and were transferred to Farsi Island. They did not show much resistance," said general Ali Fadavi, commander of Revolutionary Guards Naval Force.

General Ali Fadavi confirmed on state television that Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had been involved in talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry over the issue. He said the sailors will be "probably" released soon since their entry to Iran's waters was due to technical problems in their naval system. He also said that Zarif had said the US must apologize for its actions.

In a statement early Wednesday, the Iranian Naval Guards claimed they had detained two American combat boats carrying 10 armed marines, including nine men and one woman on Tuesday. Iran's Fars news agency said both boats were two kilometers inside Iranian territory, according to information recorded on their GPS devices.