Hello. The ABC has confirmed that the government is looking at having the capital gains tax discount for superannuation funds, taking it from 33 to 15%. This comes a day after the prime minister told parliament he was not thinking about increasing capital gains tax. The finance minister has told A he cannot confirm details of tax reforms. Not gonna upto the speculation, but I will explain to you very clearly what we are doing. We are looking at the whole tax system, to ensure that the tax systems go as friendly as possible, that we raise necessary revenue for government in a more sufficiently sustaining way, possibly in the economy. Mr. C speaking to A.

More than 8,000 people remain in evacuation centers in Fiji after tropical cyclone Winston battered the island nation. The death toll had reached 21, and now aid agencies are warning of a major health crisis. Meanwhile, rescue efforts continue as the national disaster management office says 4 are still missing at sea.

The US and Russia have announced that a ceasefire in Syria will go into effect on February 27. In a joint statement, the two countries said the agreement applies to parties that have committed to ending hostilities, but not to Islamic state and other terrorist organizations.

New laws have passed at the Senate that will give the consumer watchdog new powers to crack down on companies deemed to be slugging customers with the excessive credit card surcharges. From July, the Australian Compitition and Consumer Commission will now have the authority to fine companies that charge their customers big fees for purchase such as airfares.